About Me

I am Dr Majidu Athuman

and I’m a Witch doctor and powerful spell caster from Mombasa – Kenya.

More Of What I Do

I specialize in love spells, marriage spells, money spells, return lost love, sexual problems for both male and female, revenge spells among others.

Hello! And welcome to Love and Marriage Solutions Kenya. If you are looking for positive change in any situation, Love, Existing Relationships, Finding your true soul-mate, Career, and any other personal problems and or blockages in your life you have come along the right place!

How are my spells going to help you or your loved ones? And how could it benefit you? Well, when working with my Ancestors, I simply work and focus on an individuals stars and determine how they affect your life.

How to apply them to your life/ situation when I perform these spells they enable me to fully relax and look at your life challenges with greater clarity to reach an altered state of consciousness.

Working with the four elements of nature, earth, air, fire and water, timing from the phases of the moon and certain configurations puts me in sync with the universal life force energy.

The wise spell caster waits until everything is in order and does not rush the natural Flow of energy that moves like a current in the unseen.
I am someone who is very Precise, especially when it comes to my line of work. I take a lot of consideration and patience when it comes to my clients and their cases.

When it comes to spells and witchcraft, it is a very powerful and effective thing, that is never to be taken lightly, also it’s never recommended to perform any witchcraft or spells on yourself, so patience is very important, that is why I like to take my time when it comes to performing spells and any other spiritual services for my clients to make sure I can get a successful result on there behalf.

To begin, all you have to do is call me or write me an email or call my number +254796295070 and we will speak on behalf of your situation, all consultations are free and confidential.

I will then go over how I would like to proceed with your case if I’m able to help you and what type of spells would work for you and your case.

Contact Dr Majidu Athuman now for more information.

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What My Clients Say About Me

Here is one of my client complimenting my work and spells that I casted when she really need it.

My boyfriend of 7 years finally proposed and I was the happiest I’ve ever been. 2 weeks into planning our wedding he Became distant. I brushed It off to him being a bit nervous about getting married. Then out of nowhere he said he didn’t think That this was a good idea anymore. I couldn’t believe this was happening I asked why he said he did not have an explanation. Shortly after I had found out that a jealous ex was trying to sabotage us from getting married. A friend recommended Dr Majidu Athuman from Kenya, and he was able to help fast. Thank you Dr Majidu Athuman you really are a blessing I hope you can make it to the wedding.
Lydia Njeri
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